Welfare Officer

Welfare Officer: Archie Balfour

10733998_10201625421916218_221108548158399536_oThe Welfare Officer heads the student side of welfare provision in College in close conjunction with the Campaigns Officer and College Office. They are responsible for helping to deal with any student’s welfare related issues, either directly or by signposting places that students can go to get more help.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.13, p.14)

Hi there! I’m Archie and I’m the current Welfare Officer. In short, my role is focused on overseeing the wellbeing of the college. I do this by running the Welfare Team (take a look at their page!), providing one to one support to any member of the JCR, signposting people toward relevant services, assisting Abby the Campaigns Officer in raising awareness for various issues and finally purchasing supplies, whether it be sexual health supplies, eye masks, ear plugs and of course, tea and biscuits.

Feel free to chat to me about anything that’s on your mind no matter how small it is. You can reach me in person (I’ll be around college all the time and my room is J27), on Facebook and by calling the welfare phone number between 9am and 9pm (07852 609867). If you ever want any information or help with finding out different services I’m here for that too.

Outside of Welfare I love to volunteer with the homeless and vulnerable through CCA, help out with organising the college’s spectacular events and joining mixed lacrosse for socials. This college offers it’s members so many opportunities and that’s what gives it it’s unique spirit. There is something for everyone and always new things to try out.

If you see me around college please don’t hesitate to stop and have a chat! I’ll be in the welfare room for a drop in at least once a week so swing by for a cuppa and a chat.

My Manifesto from last year’s elections can be found here: Manifesto 2016

I can be reached at archie.balfour@durham.ac.uk, and should reply within 24 hours of receiving your email!

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