Welfare Officer

Welfare Officer: Lucy Cardy (She/Her)

The Welfare Officer co-heads the brilliant student-run Welfare Team within Castle alongside the Welfare (Head of Campaigns) Officer. College Welfare forms the immediate point of support for Castle students and is primarily a listening and signposting service for anyone who may need emotional, academic, housing or financial support. We are all readily accessible, contactable and discreet, and are here to support you throughout your time at Durham. In addition to speaking to us directly, we also run an Anonymous Messaging System (UCWelfare) for anyone who would prefer to contact us this way.

As well as offering welfare support for students, we also run some extremely fun activities and campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness of different causes – getting as many people in College involved as possible. These campaigns cover a whole spectrum of topics such as alcohol and mental health awareness, sexual health and events coordinated by specific members of the team such as a POC week, BSL workshops and mindfulness sessions to name just 3. We also provide free sexual and reproductive health supplies such as condoms, lubricant, dental dams, sanitary supplies, pregnancy tests, ear plugs and sleeping masks which can be discretely accessed. These are located in a box directly outside the Welfare Officer’s room. They are also distributed throughout the accommodation blocks termly and can be requested anonymously.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI. 14, p.15-16)

 Hey everyone, my name’s Lucy!

I’m a third year Physical Geography student and your Welfare Officer for next year. I’ll be living in Norman Gallery, more specifically N24 which will be pretty hard to miss with the big box of condoms sitting outside (among other welfare supplies which you can help yourself to)

*For this year, supplies arrangements may be subject to change*

I’ve been quite involved in College over the past couple of years having been on the Welfare Team as our Disabilities Officer and Manager of the Toastie Bar/ West Courtyard Café.

Toastie Bar is also a fantastic way to meet people across different years/ degrees and earn a bit of money working in the very centre of Castle (and it’s notorious for our controversial crème egg toasties). If you have any suggestions at all for Welfare-related ideas, activities or toastie ingredients do send them my way!

Interests: Travelling, Dogspotting, Volcanoes, Game of Thrones, Instant noodles

Favourite Castle Memory: Anytime everyone in college sings Angels by Robbie Williams, our Castle anthem.

Everyone is always welcome to become a part of Welfare so do come along to our teatimes and events; ultimately, it’s our brilliant student community that makes Welfare the awesome and welcoming environment that it is.

My ‘on-duty’ hours are 9am-9pm, but you can always send me an email at castle.welfareofficer@durham.ac.uk or message the Anonymous Posting System (UCWelfare).

For more information about Welfare and to meet the team, head to the page linked below:

The Welfare Team