Welfare Officer

Welfare Officer: Pookie Collier

The Welfare Officer heads the student side of welfare provision in College in close conjunction with the Campaigns Officer and College Office. They are responsible for helping to deal with any student’s welfare related issues, either directly or by signposting places that students can go to get more help.

I’m Pookie and I am the Welfare Officer for 2018-19. My role is to run the Welfare Team, and co-ordinate the student-run welfare and welbeing support in University College. This involves one to one support the JCR, signposting to relevent services and information, and making our supplies available to all. These include condoms, lube, pregnancy tests, dental dams, and ear plugs. As well as this, I work with Henry Jones, the Campaigns Officer, to run campaign throughout the year to rasise awareness about various topics; such as mental health, and drink awareness. My advice for Fresher week would be to get involved in as many things as possible. It’s a great opportunity to try different things, and find your footing. But also to take time for yourself. It can be an exhausting week, so it’s always good to just sit down and have a break. And that’s what welfare is for! Outside of welfare, I love getting ivolved in college. I love singing and have been part of Castle Big Band. But am always happy for a chat and a cuppa.Campaigns Officer

I can also be contact from 9am to 9pm on the welfare phone number (07757 750411) to chat about anything that is on your mind, or email me at olivia.collier@durham.ac.uk


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