Welfare Officer

Welfare Officer: Erin Collins

The Welfare Officer heads the student side of welfare provision in College in close conjunction with the Campaigns Officer and College Office. They are responsible for helping to deal with any student’s welfare related issues, either directly or by signposting places that students can go to get more help.

Hi there! I’m Erin and I’m the current Welfare Officer. In short, my role is focused on overseeing the wellbeing of the college. I do this by running the Welfare Team (take a look at their page!), providing one to one support to any member of the JCR, signposting people toward relevant services. I also assist Katya the Campaigns Officer in raising awareness for various issues and I also purchase various supplies, including condoms, lube, pregnancy tests, dental dams, earplugs, and many more! These can be found outside my room (J27), or can be requested by contacting me, Katya, one of the welfare team, or one of your lovely college condoms!

Feel free to chat to me about anything that’s on your mind no matter how small it is. You can reach me in person, on Facebook (Erin Collins), by calling the welfare phone number between 9am and 9pm (07757 750411), or you can also email me (erin.j.collins@durham.ac.uk).

Outside of exec, I cox for the college boat club, and play flute and piccolo for the university concert band. I’m also a very keen tea drinker, and will always be happy to put the kettle on and have a chat with anyone about anything! Freshers’ Week is a really interesting week, full of new things and new people. My advice would be to put yourself out of your comfort zone every now and again, but to know that freshers is one of the busiest and most tiring weeks ever, so look after yourselves too!

If you see me around college please don’t hesitate to stop and have a chat! I’ll be in the welfare room for a drop in at least once a week so swing by for a cuppa and a chat!


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