Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer co-heads the student-run welfare and wellbeing support in Castle, working closely with the Campaigns Officer and a fantastic team of assistant welfare officers. College welfare is primarily a listening and signposting service, offering daily drop-ins and one-on-one support. The team are well trained in active listening and will be able to direct you to places you can get more help. College Welfare is an immediate point of support for Castle students who may need emotional, academic, housing or financial support; we’re here to make sure your time at Durham goes as smoothly as possible. As well as directly talking to the team you can also contact us anonymously. The Welfare and Campaigns Officers will meet weekly with college office to signpost people to university services or arrange extensions for students struggling with deadlines.

As well as offering support, Welfare also provides free sexual health supplies such as condoms, lubricant, dental dams, sanitary supplies, pregnancy tests and even ear plugs & sleeping masks! We ensure all accommodation blocks are well stocked but supplies are also located outside the Welfare Officer’s room in Junction Stairs or can be requested anonymously.

Welfare also run awareness campaigns in college throughout the year; covering topics such as mental health and drinking awareness. We also have specific assistant officers such as the LGBT+ rep, Peoples of Colours Officer, Disabilities Officer etc.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.14, p.15-16)

For more information about welfare and to meet the team, head to the page linked below:

The Welfare Team