Welfare in College

College Welfare and College Office are here to be your point of contact regarding various support services, and to listen and help you with any issues you may face throughout the year however big or small.

College Welfare

There are a variety of ways you can get in touch (so use which ever method of communication makes you feel most comfortable!):

  • Individually approach a member of the welfare team; in person, by Facebook message, or by email
  • Contact the Campaigns Officer through facebook (Hanna Suliman Nicol) or via email: castle.campaignsofficer@durham.ac.uk
  • Attend a drop-in
  • Use the anonymous posting system.   You can use this form to communicate anonymously with the Campaigns Officer, Hanna. You could ask a question which you would prefer not to talk about directly, request Welfare supplies for you to anonymously collect, report an incident or use it to just send your thoughts. When you submit the form, your message will be assigned a random ‘Ticket ID’. This is the only thing which connects you to the message so it cannot be ‘de-anonymised’ or linked back to you. It is entirely confidential. Remember to keep your Ticket ID as it is the only way to access your response later. If you would like us to know who you are, feel free to include your name in the message. Come back in a few days and click ‘View Response’, then enter your Ticket ID. You can enter some additional information or reply as many times as you like using the same Ticket ID.

In addition to providing support, College Welfare supply sexual health supplies such as: condoms, lubricant, dental dams, pregnancy tests and ear plugs. ‘College Condoms’ ensure all kitchens in accommodation blocks are well stocked with these supplies, however if you would like to request any supplies you can contact any member of the welfare team or use the anonymous posting system. There is also a range of supplies outside the Campaigns Officer’s room (J28).

Another way to receive free condoms is to use a ‘C-card’ at a variety of pharmacies, including Boots in the Market Square and on North Road. Everyone aged 13-24 is entitles to a C-card, completely free of charge. There will be a registration session for C-cards during SHAG Week (Sexual Health and Guidance Week).

College Welfare host numerous campaigns that last over the course of the week during terms. Updates to the present campaign can be found on the dedicated campaigns page here.

College Office 

Within college you can book an appointment through Paula Furness, by emailing paula.furness@durham.ac.uk, to ask advice and talk through issues together. We would love to hear from you, and have a wealth of experience to draw from. We are also good mediators between yourself and your department if your issues are affecting your work.

College Mentors, the Porters and College Parents are other good points of contact for support.

College Mentor – Every student is assigned a mentor at the beginning of their academic career in Durham. This is usually someone from your academic department, or someone involved in a similar subject to you. Your mentor is there to give you advice and support with your studies, and can give you a reference should you need one for any job applications.

The Porters – The porters can be found in the gatehouse and are always around to help. Their number (0191 334 3800) should be saved in your phone so that if you find yourself lost, injured, upset or worried about your safety, you know who to call.

College Parents – As soon as you begin your life at Castle, you are allocated a set of ‘college parents’. These are two students in another year, who have been at college for longer than you and understand the social pressures of University. These student usually do the same subject as you so can help you with your studies. Your parents are there to support you and look after you throughout your university career, so make sure you ask them for as much help as possible.