Vice Senior Student

Vice Senior Student: Rob Almqvist

The Vice Senior Student is the deputy for the Senior Student, responsible for communication between the Executive committee and the JCR, and for the smooth administrative running of much of the JCR’s business. This includes the Standing Orders Committee, the JCR’s sports and societies funding committee, running the room ballot, and ensuring the election and selection of the following year’s Executive Committee. I also write a weekly newsletter to keep you updated with everything going on around college.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders, VI(6.8), p.12-13)




Hi I’m Rob, a 4th year Biosciences student (but don’t ask me about that!). I play college lacrosse and am a keen oarsman rowing for Durham in my first year and more recently with college, acting as Boat Club President at the end of last year. Whilst the Senior Student represents the JCR on a university level, my focus as VSS is within the walls of the castle so if you have questions about anything at all feel free drop me an email ( or come and find me in either the Undie or the Swan.





Favourite Castle Memory: The annual ‘Badger watching’ trip is certainly highlight of the social calendar. Spending a weekend in the lake district with 50 mates and 1000 tinnies leads to some fantastic (and highly intellectual) conversation. Perhaps next year I’ll even get to see a badger…

Please contact me with any questions at