Undercroft Vice Chairman

Undercroft Vice Chairman: Tom Blackwood

BlackwoodThe Undercroft Vice Chairman reports to the Undercroft Chairman and works alongside them to keep the Undercroft running as well as can be. In addition they are also responsible for working the Undercroft rotas and the annual Smenergy (the college drink) Stash order.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.10, p.13)

I joined the bar committee in October 2014 and it has definitely been one of my favourite aspects of college life. My principle role is to help Ellie find “it”, be it new stock, renovations or innovations. I also run committee socials and deal with day-to-day admin. Beyond the bar, I am a twenty-one year-old from West London and a 3rd year Human Geography Student. Interests: The Undercroft, UCRFC, UCDC, Carly-B, Buffalo.

I can be reached at thomas.blackwood@durham.ac.uk, and should reply within 24 hours of receiving your email!

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