Undercroft Chair

Undercroft Chair: Rosie Merron

The Undercroft is the College’s Student Bar. The primary role of the Undercroft Chair is to act as the link between the Undercoft Members (JCR) and the College Office, in order to maximise the Bar’s value as a community resource for all members of the college. This role sees them regularly overseeing the day to day running of the Bar during term time and liaising with the Social Chair for special events, such as termly ‘Hounds’ and Balls.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.9, p.12)


I’m Rosie and I’m a second year Geography student. As Chair of the Undercroft Committee, I work alongside the Vice Bar Chair to make sure the day to day operations of the bar run smoothly. Priorities include keeping profits high and the college patrons happy through organizing events, introducing new stock, managing a team of 70 strong staff and liaising with the social chair to make sure Hounds and Balls don’t run dry.

I have been part of the Undercroft Committee since first year and it has been a major highlight of my university experience. Not only have I had so much fun meeting new people from across all years, working for the committee allows you to earn a modest income while studying for your degree. I would encourage anyone wanting to get involved to apply and contribute to college life in the most fun (and profitable) way!

If you have any questions about the bar, or working with us, I am contactable at rosie.merron@durham.ac.uk