The Welfare Team

The welfare team is headed by the Welfare and Campaigns Officers and made up of 10 current castle students. All of them are here to be a listening ear and to help signpost issues on to useful services both within and without of the University. There are a wide range of personalities on the team, so ask whoever you feel most comfortable with if you can talk something through with them, they will be more than happy to help.

Clare SchwarzbeClarerg, Assistant Campaigns Officer

I’m Clare (not as crazy and Canadian as they say) and I’m the Campaign’s assistant. Besides helping out the amazing Abigail Scott spread awareness about important student issues, I’ll be available at my weekly drop-ins for a tea and chat. My favourite topics include digging (Archaeology) and the Colosseum (Ancient History). But if that doesn’t float your boat I’m a third year international student and am the last person to judge, so don’t hesitate to contact me about anything. I can frequently be found in the Lowe, the Undie or with Norma the Coffee Lady, so don’t hesitate to come say hey!

EveEve Schofield, Disabilities Officer

Hi, I’m Eve and I’m the disabilities officer. I’m in my final year studying sociology. At uni I play castle lacrosse and vice captain the castle cheerleading squad. I am passionate about being disabilities officer as I have first hand experience of the misconceptions which surround disabilities, and I want to help clarify these misconceptions through advocacy. I aim to be someone members of college feel like they can talk to about their troubles, disabilities or otherwise. So come and have a chat at my weekly drop-ins!


Erin2Erin Collins, LGBT+ Welfare Officer

I’m Erin, your LGBT+ welfare officer, and I’m studying history. My main hobbies at uni include coxing for UCBC and playing flute or piccolo in DUCB, beyond that my main interest lies in drinking tea! I joined the welfare team because I think it’s an invaluable part of college life, and I’ve always loved being able to help other people – I’m also a great lover of a chat and a good cuppa, so I’m looking forward to seeing you at my drop ins!


JasperJasper Weise, International Welfare Officer

I’m Jasper a second year student studying Anthropology, when I’m not pondering the origins of us as a species you can find me either enjoying a cappuccino in one of Durham’s lovely coffee shops or out on the sports field. I’ve also been involved in college events such as the College’s annual Arts Week, this combined with my experience in sport drove me to help other students in handling stress and reduce the strain on other segments of university life. Furthermore, as an international student, be assured that I can relate to all issues relating to that of studying abroad and the unique challenges associated with it. So always feel free to drop by my weekly drop-ins for a chat & my best attempt at an English brew with a slight South African twist.

KatyaKatya Ellis, Welfare Assistant

Hi there! I’m Katya, an English Literature student from America. I love to read, frequent cafes and drink coffee, and go on nature walks/explore. I’m on welfare because I’m an empathetic person who above all wants to comfort and support others! Feel free to stop by one of my weekly drop-ins if you want to chat/have a cuppa/decompress – whatever it is, everyone is welcome and I look forward to seeing you there!!


Bella Brown, Welfare AssistantBella

Hey I’m Bella and I study Combined Honours (History and International Relations). I love getting involved in college life especially through playing sport; this year I’m captain of Castle Tennis and I also play tennis for Durham University. I’m on welfare because I want to be part of the team that looks to involve everyone in the safe, tight-knit community we have here at Castle. I hope to get to know as many of you as possible so come along to one of my weekly drop-ins for a cup of tea and a chat!

JessJess Melling, Welfare Assistant

Hey, I’m Jess and I’m a second year student studying Spanish and History. I really enjoy helping to prepare for college events with the Ents and Sponsorship Committee and also play lacrosse for Castle and Durham. This year, I am on the Committee for Finance Society and am part of the Castle Welfare Team. I love to meet new people and get involved with college life, as well as doing anything I can to support others in the Castle Community. I can’t wait to host my weekly drop-ins – I look forward to seeing you there for a chat!


Alex Gibney, Welfare AssistantGibney

At the grand age of 22, I’m officially the oldest member of Welfare, meaning I’ve already had many varied and educational life experiences which I’m always willing to share! As a passionate linguist who studies French and Russian, I’m very enthusiastic about socialising with people from all walks of life and so am looking forward to getting to know more of you while on Welfare. If you need advice, a laugh, somewhere to cry, or just need a chat, then I’m your man!