The Toastie Bar

toastie-socialCastle’s famous ‘Toastie Bar’ is open every evening from 8-11pm and offers a large variety of sweet and savoury ingredients to cater to all your toastie needs. The Toastie Bar is located in the West Courtyard, next door to the Undie and the JCR, so come on down for some yummy food and top banter from one of our lovely Toastie Bar employees!

Twice a year we welcome applications from any year group to join the Toastie 
Bar Committee, which may be followed by an interview in person. We will let you know when applications are open via the Castle Freshers’ Page. If you think you’d like to be a part of our wonderful team, have any questions about jobs, ingredients, or even some suggestions, feel free to contact Saffron Higgins