The Toastie Bar


The West Courtyard Cafe, or more colloquially known as the college ‘Toastie Bar’ is a relaxed evening social space, and quiet daytime study area located between the Undercroft Bar and JCR Common Room in College. It is usually manned by two students at a time every evening, serving a variety of custom made savoury and sweet toasties from our wide selection of ingredient choices – a small selection of which range from chorizo, tuna, mozzarella and cheddar to chocolate, marshmallows and raspberries, or vegan ingredients such as hummus, sundried tomatoes and dairy free cheese.

Toastie prices range between £2-3 depending on the number of fillings and extra sauces you choose, making it a tasty and convenient cheap evening snack if you’re up studying in the college library, or are spending the evening socialising in the Undie. Other cold refreshments, crisps, popcorn, chips and pizza rolls are also available in the Cafe only, with different seasonal specials and our loyalty card scheme being regularly promoted through the West Courtyard Cafe Facebook and Instagram pages.

The Cafe itself is headed by 2 student managers organising a current team of 30 members of staff, which along with staff socials forms an integral and exciting part of the college community. This enables students to apply for a job to earn some money throughout terms, while also providing great opportunities to regularly meet a range of new people across the academic years.

Opening times are currently: 7pm – 11pm

If you have any more questions regarding working at the West Courtyard Cafe or what’s available, please feel free to contact us!

Izzie Pearce (Manager):

Robert Almqvist (Assistant Manager):