The Standing Orders

Throughout this website you shall see references to ‘The Standing Orders’, this is the document that lays out who the JCR is, how it is run, and what it does. It advises on procedure, due processes, as well as enshrining and ensuring some of the traditions that make University College the fantastic place it is.


For example, Section XVII is that of the College Servants, a collection of roles and posts created over the years and re(s)elected when the time is right, a few favourites:

17.9     College Hero:

The J.C.R. may at its discretion make this honorary award to a member in recognition of achievements exhibiting an extraordinary courage in the service of the J.C.R. The first incumbent was elected unanimously to this illustrious position after gaining entry to the rooms of the Senior Student of Hatfield College during broad daylight and regaining possession of the College Flag during his first week in Durham (David Higgon, 1986-1989). Other heroes have included the wonderful people who painted the blades of Hatfield cardinal the night before Durham Regatta 1993, forcing Hatfield to race in Castle colours.

17.19   College Candles:

The two College Candles shall be responsible for laying out candles at Thursday evening formal dinners, and collecting them after. Suitable qualifications include the ability to maintain a semblance of balance in difficult circumstances.


The Standing Orders currently in force are Amendment 41 and can be found here:      Standing-Orders-May-2017-Amendment-41


The Standing Orders Committee constituting of the Castle JCR Senior Student, Vice Senior Student, Chairman, Vice Chairman, and three representatives of the JCR meet throughout term to discuss and push through relevant and positive changes to the document.

We welcome any suggestions of amendment / improvement to look at and revise in new amendments, find the anonymous form for these here.