Outreach Officer

Outreach Officer: Mala Pandit

The Outreach Officer is responsible for managing the Outreach Committee, which is comprised of three strands: Castle Community ActionEnvironment Committee, and Charities Officer. Castle Outreach is one of the fastest growing areas in the Castle Community, with many exciting opportunities to get involved in. Some examples of projects include ‘Waste Not, Want Not’, Age UK Afternoon Teas and the popular Community Meal for the homeless.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.18, p.17)


I’m Mala, your Outreach Officer for this coming year – you may be thinking ‘what is outreach and what do you do?’. I help organise and oversee the various volunteering and outreach projects that Castle students undertake to benefit the local communities within and around Durham. It is made up of Castle Community Action (CCA) and their various divisions eg. Homelessness, Elderly Care, Primary and Secondary Education, in addition to the Environment and Charities Committees. 

I study BSc Geography – nope, there is no colouring involved! – and I have been involved in various aspects of college and Durham life eg. Ents, June Ball Committee, Bar and Toastie Bar, CCFS (Fashion show), DU Concert Band, – so feel free to ask me about anything! 

If you want to get in touch with any questions or ideas for CCA, you can email me at castle.outreach@durham.ac.uk