Tech Director

Technical Director: Roshun Karia

The Tech Director is responsible for organising Tech for events inside and outside of college, maintaining Castle’s technical equipment and leading Castle’s Technical Events Committee (Castle Tech). From setting up June Ball in the Castle to working Bierfest in Babylon, there is always lots to do. None of it could be done without the team, Castle Tech, who are the unsung heroes of every Castle event.


I’m Roshun, a third year Engineer and the 20/21 Tech Director. Usually you’ll see me setting-up and setting-down kit somewhere in the Castle. So if you see someone randomly walking through dinner with speakers and lights, it’s probably me. The little time I’m not working with Tech, I’m probably on the frisbee pitch captaining the college champions Castle Mixed Ultimate Frisbee or playing with the DU Team. 

My tech highlight has to be June Ball 2019, an exhausting 3 day tech set-up followed by a 12 hour ball is something everyone should try once in their time at Castle – they are the real survivors! Working all that tech paid for my ticket which was a major bonus though. So join the facebook group Castle Tech and get involved, no experience required.

If you have any questions about the committee, feel free to send me a facebook message or an email at I’m always happy to chat tech! If you have a hiring or event query please email me at Thanks!