Tech Director

2018/19 Technical Director: Alex Stucky

I am this year’s Technical Director. My work includes the organisation of college and other events, looking after Castle’s technical equipment, and heading up Castle’s Technical Events Committee (Castle Tech). Please do consider joining the ever important Castle Tech to give yourself the chance to work events. You don’t ever have to work and no previous experience is required, yet you can learn on the job, during which time great experience can be gained. Not only can you be part of a fun team, but also being involved with the events, their logistics and their acts can be extremely rewarding.

Hey! My name’s Alex, I’m 22 and I’m in my third-year studying Computer Science. I also happen to be the Technical Director for Castle. In short, if you’ve got a play, lecture, pantomime, or happen to be throwing a ball I’m the guy to chat to. When I’m not incessantly coiling cables I’ve been known to enjoy a Hound or two, getting involved with Durham’s Entrepreneurs Society or belting out Castle Ranger on (the way to/from) the Lacrosse pitch