Tech Director

Technical Director: Patrick Greenman

The Tech Director is responsible for organising Tech for events inside and outside of college, maintaining Castle’s technical equipment and leading Castle’s Technical Events Committee (Castle Tech). From setting up June Ball in the Castle to working Bierfest in Babylon, there is always lots to do. None of it could be done without the team, Castle Tech, who are the unsung heroes of every Castle event.

Hey guys!

I’m Patrick, this year’s Tech Director. I study Geophysics and I’m in my fifth year here at Castle (if you want to know what year of my degree I’m in it’s third… don’t ask). In short, I’m here to support our wonderful events, from the likes of the Ball Committee, Social Committee, and fashion show (to name a few) by organising and running the technical side, so lighting and sound. During most large events we use completely our own staff and equipment, which is really spectacular to see it all come together! Please join the Facebook group Castle Tech and get involved, no prior experience required and great wages!

I’ve almost certainly got involved in the JCR a bit too much (I would say no such thing) during my time at Castle, and have been a part of most of the committees at some point, primarily Ball, Social, CCFS and Tech. You may also see me around giving tours to the public, I guess that’s kinda cool. Anyway, that’s enough about me, I hope to see you all around at some point! If you have any questions (any at all!!) such like how soon you can get involved in Tech here at Castle, please drop me an email, a FB message, or even come knock on my door K65 if you don’t mind a climb!

If you have any questions about the committee, feel free to send me a Facebook message. I’m always happy to chat tech!

If you have a hiring or event query please email me at

Castle Tech Facebook Group