University College Mixed Lacrosse (UCMxL)

Castle Mixed Lacrosse is without a doubt one of the most fun and entertaining societies in the whole of University College. Every year we welcome loads of freshers into our ranks, from those who have never even heard of Lacrosse to those who have experience from school. One thing that really stood out to me last year was the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of the club.

We partake in a variety of fixtures throughout the year, ranging from competitive inter-collegiate games (which are always great fun) to friendly matches that can also include Castle vs Castle games. The range in teams means you can play at whatever level you feel comfortable. Mixed Lax is also very well known for its popular and hilarious socials that I would recommend everyone to get involved in!

So, whether you are a complete beginner just looking to have a laugh or an experienced ball-handler, do get involved with Mixed Lax this year – I look forward to seeing you all at the first training session of the year but if you have any further questions about the club, please do email me (Will Steinberg) at or send me a message on Facebook.

Live, Love, Lax