Social Chair

Social Chair: Anna Patchett (She/Her)

The Social Chair is responsible for the running of all small to medium sized events, excluding balls, in college. This includes all the events during freshers week and freshtival, as well as hounds, castle day and Bierfest. It is also the social chairman’s job to help facilitate all other events in college which include CCFS (castle charity fashion show), arts week and any events run by the CCA.

The Social chair will lead a small team of around 8 people to help with the aesthetics, entertainment and administration of the events. Being part of the team is an opportunity to help organise some of the best events of the year.

If you have any questions about the events mentioned above or being part of the social chairs team, please email

Hi, my name is Anna and I am this year’s social chair. I am a third year studying Classics. Outside of my social chair duties, I am a member of the Castle Mixed Lacrosse club, I love playing hockey and I also love ancient things, dead languages, the undie and college events.

My favourite castle memory is all things mixed lax: socials, matches, Castle-Hatfield day, York Varsity and the team.

You can reach me at