Secondary Education

Division Heads: Lauren Shields and Sarah Cellar

The Secondary Education division of CCA is a thoroughly rewarding and diverse volunteering opportunity for the students at Castle. The division has two main branches, and this year we are hoping to grow a new branch on our volunteering tree!

  1. Sixth Form Tutoring and Mock Oxbridge Interviews – If, like many Durham students you were rejected by Oxbridge, then this could be a huge gain for the local young people of Durham. We run weekly small-group tuition to Sixth Form students at St. Leonards who could use our excellent subject-specific knowledge and our enthusiasm for university life and Durham as a place to study. We also offer mock Oxbridge interviews to high achieving students which is a huge success – after all, we have gone through it all so can give top notch advice on what to expect! This year, we want to invite our tutees and interviewees to a formal at Castle.
  2. Easter Residential – During our Easter holidays, we host an overnight stay for Year 10 students from St. Leonard’s school. We offer loads of fun activities, a day trip, a formal dinner and accommodation in the Castle, with an underlying theme of what university could be like for these students one day. It was a huge success last year and was enormously enjoyable for all of the volunteers and students involved.
  3. Year 7 Day Trips – This year, we want to introduce a new initiative, involving inviting the younger children of St. Leonard’s to the Castle on a day trip, which hopefully will run after exams in June. This day trip will aim to captivate a younger audience into wondering what university may be like, whilst improving lots of their essential skills that they might need to get there. Obviously, this will also include partaking in lots of fun-filled activities!

All of these projects offer the opportunity to bridge a gap between us students in Durham, and our local community. They also offer the chance to make great friends through volunteers in college, and to try something new. This project would not happen without the incredible commitment and support from our volunteers. If you think this project is something you would like to be a part of, get in touch with us with any questions or ideas!

Please address Lauren for residential and day trips, and Sarah for tutoring, using the email

Getting to know each other at the Easter residential for year 10 students.
Getting to know each other at the Easter residential for year 10 students