Secondary Education

Division Head:  Alice Fogg

The Division

The secondary education division is an exciting and varied division to volunteer with. We work closely with a local secondary school, St Leonard’s, providing weekly one-to-one tutoring to sixth form students throughout the year and across a range of subjects. Castle volunteers are great at relating to and understanding what A Levels are all about, providing excellent support to sixth formers. In the past we have also invited sixth form tutees and their tutors to a formal in castle as a celebration of the hard work of everyone involved. This is a fantastic and really lovely event, giving sixth formers a further insight into university life and a platform for them to find out more about university.

Every year the secondary education division also hosts an annual residential for Year 10 students from St Leonard’s. Students stay in the castle and follow a programme put on by the secondary education volunteer team. Packed with thought-provoking, fun and creative activities, this is definitely an event to get involved in!

Finally, in addition to the above two projects, we are looking to rekindle a KS3 focussed club which would give volunteers the opportunity to work with slightly younger students. We are always looking for new ideas and opportunities to develop the project and further strengthen our relationship with both St Leonard’s and the local community. If you would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you!


Getting to know each other at the Easter residential for year 10 students.
Getting to know each other at the Easter residential for year 10 students