JCR Vice Chair

JCR Vice Chairs:
Oliver Jervis
Hi, I’m Oliver and this year I am one of the two JCR Vice Chairs, as well as the college’s volleyball captain and the running club’s social secretary. Outside Castle, I am a final year Law student and one of Palatinate’s Sport Editors. If you want to know more about any of those roles, or anything else to do with life in Castle or the SU, then feel free to ask! My favourite Castle memory has to be my first ever volleyball social, in Spags after England’s RO16 victory against Germany at Euro 2020. With that in mind, my top tip is to not down a litre of red wine in ten minutes alongside a (rather large) pepperoni pizza. The other top tip I have is to go for it. You don’t get this opportunity twice.
Paige Atkinson