JCR Lowe Librarian

The Lowe Librarian is responsible for the day to day running of the College’s Lowe Memorial Library during term time and serve as a point for the JCR.


My name is Greta, I’m a English, History and Classics finalist and the Junior Lowe Librarian for this year! As Junior Lowe Librarian, I keep our college library organised, am in charge of checking in and reshelving books with the help of Assistant Librarians and I am a point of contact for any library-related issues or questions Castle students may have.

Within college, I’ve been part of the June Ball Committee, am a Meal Leader for Community Meals, a Castle Tour Guide and was an iFrep.


2018/19 Greta Milesi
2017/18 Lara Janes-Walton
2016/17 Shona Graham

For further information on using the Lowe Library facilities, please see the main page, otherwise feel free to contact me on greta.milesi@durham.ac.uk