JCR Chairman 2017/18

2017/18 JCR Chairman: Tom Poon

Tom Poon thomas.k.poon@durham.ac.uk

Hello! As Chairman of University College JCR this year means that together with my Vice Chairman Jeremy, we make sure that the execution of JCR affairs and decisions are fair to all its members. While we work closely with the JCR Executive Committee, the Chairmen are also external to them to ensure that College Regulations are observed, and to serve as the second point of contact if you feel unable to approach any of the officers.

We are the bridge between the JCR body at present and the Standing Orders – the constitution of the Common Room that lays out what we are about and how we run. This means that there is consistency with how members of the JCR have worked historically in years past. It is an ever-changing and organic document that is meant to reflect us however, so if processes and descriptions have changed for the better we meet as a Standing Orders Committee to record these changes every term.

The Chairman on top of this, chairs the JCR meetings throughout the year that allow the wider JCR community to discuss and vote on important issues. All in all, I’m very much always present behind the scenes in college, leading various committees and interviews whilst holding no view to ensure consistency and fairness. If you ever have any issues about how you have been treated by the JCR or the people within it, or wish to suggest an improvement on how any aspect of the JCR runs please feel completely free to contact me!

Contact: thomas.k.poon@durham.ac.uk


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