JCR Chairman 2016/17

JCR Chairman: Matthew Jennings

JenningsThe JCR Chairman is responsible for holding the JCR to account, essentially making sure it works for every member. I do three things for the JCR: firstly, act as a point of contact if you have any trouble with the executive committee or JCR officers. Secondly, I chair lots of committees to make sure fair decisions are made for the college. And finally I sit in on interviews to make sure they are fair so you’ll get used to seeing me if you go for any college positions. If you have any complaints about how you have been treated by the JCR or people within it please contact me and I will represent you and work to sort the problem out. No problem is too small or big to bother me with so please get in contact.

You can reach me at m.w.jennings@durham.ac.uk


2018/19 JCR Chairman – Ben Molony
2017/18 JCR Chairman – Tom Poon
2016/17 JCR Chairman – Matthew Jennings
2015/16 JCR Chairman – Jack Boyles
2014/15 JCR Chairman – Paul Chambers
2013/14 JCR Chairman – Ben March
2012/13 JCR Chairman – Simon Gallow
2011/12 JCR Chairman – J.A.R. Benson