JCR Chair

JCR Chair: Richard Waters (He/Him)

Hi, I’m Richard!

The JCR or Junior Common Room is the name for the community of undergraduates in Castle. It’s completely self-governing, headed up by an elected “exec” – short for executive committee. Encompassing a diverse range of clubs, societies, events and welfare support, the JCR is a big part of what will make your time at Castle so special. We meet formally once a term at a JCR meeting, but there are things to get involved with almost every day.

In short, the JCR is run by students, for students. It provides a unique, welcoming community that gives Castle so much of its famous college spirit.

Along with two Vice Chairs, it’s my job to ensure that the JCR runs in a fair, accountable and transparent way. I work closely with the exec, whilst maintaining an independent position to provide scrutiny to their work and check that it confirms to the Standing Orders (essentially our constitution and rulebook ). You’ll see me helping to run JCR meetings, making sure that everyone gets the chance to voice opinions, ask the exec questions, see what’s going on in our community and vote on important issues. If you apply for one of the many roles that first years can take on within the college, the Vice Chairs or I will be sitting in on your interview to make sure the process is fair.

I’m also an impartial contact if you are unable to approach any of the other JCR officers. I hope to use this role to widen participation and make the college a more inclusive community. Feel free to get in touch with me at any time.

I got involved with the College Mixed Lacrosse Club in first year, having never seen a Lacrosse stick before, and have been playing ever since. It’s a really fun and welcoming group of people and I would really recommend giving it a go. Other than that, I’m the conductor for Castle Big Band and a keen cyclist.

Contact me at castle.jcrchair@durham.ac.uk.