The iFreps are members of our Freshers’ Week team who help and support international students particularly. Some, but not all, have experience of moving to the UK from abroad and can help with practical questions (bank accounts, phone number) as well as cultural ones.

Chiara Di Batista 

Ask me about: International Committee, Castle Stash, Fencing, How to make a good Carbonara, Italy

Favourite Castle memory: Watching the sunrise from the top of the Keep

Top tip: When in doubt, the Undie is always a good choice

Email address: chiara.m.di-battista@durham.ac.uk

Hannah Kisiala

Course: Combined Honours in Social Sciences

Ask me about: Politics, philosophy, student theatre, debating, dance

Favourite Castle memory: Being in the cast of Castle panto

Top Tip: The theatre scene at Durham is great, give it a go!

Email address: qxkx77@durham.ac.uk


Bronte Littlewood

Course: English Literature

Ask me about: Where to get coffee

Favourite Castle memory: castle day always

Top tip: apply for everything!

Email: bronte.m.littlewood@durham.ac.uk

Patrick Hayes (Australia)

Course: History 

Ask me about: College history and traditions, sharing a room, being an international student, Australia, the Christian Union, the Ball Committee, the Tech Committee, Castle Chapel, and Castle Mixed Lacrosse.

Favourite Castle memory: Setting up lights on the Durham Castle mound for Castle Tech! Great views, but not a good experience if it’s raining heavily!

Top tip: Make the most of your first year by getting involved in College. Meet as many people as possible and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Email address: patrick.r.hayes@durham.ac.uk

Charlotte Brown

Course: Theoretical physics

Ask me about: Anything music related (both college and the wider university) or how nuclear fusion is closer than you think!

Favourite Castle memory: Getting celebrate the end of a successful freshers’ week at Freshtival

Top tip: Don’t be afraid to go to an event even if you don’t know anyone else who’s going. You’ll make friends quickly and won’t regret it.

Email: charlotte.brown@durham.ac.uk

Haris Javed

Course: Computer Science

Ask me about: my very strong opinions about the best places for iced-coffee in town, the ultimate spot for sunset-watching and ‘komp-ski’ of course

Favourite castle memory: casually mentioning that I’m from castle (not flexing I promise) in every single conversation during my first two weeks

Top tip: If you’re the least bit interested in something, get out there and do it without overthinking it

Email: haris.javed@durham.ac.uk