The iFreps are members of our Freshers’ Week team who help and support international students particularly. Some, but not all, have experience of moving to the UK from abroad and can help with practical questions (bank accounts, phone number) as well as cultural ones.

Joe Roberts (UK)

Ask me about: Biology, Castle Ultimate Frisbee, Castle Tech, Bailey Court (if you end up there).

Favourite Castle Memory: Been a few despite a pandemic first year, but probably college feast and our block party after it.  Everyone dressed up all fancy and it was good vibes all night.

Top tip: Don’t be afraid of being outside your comfort zone, just throw yourself into everything and don’t worry about making friends instantly.  You’ll find them.

Email address: joseph.roberts2@durham.ac.uk

Timothy Carter (New Zealand)

Course: Economics

Ask me about: My Christian faith, Castle sports, shared rooms, being an international student, New Zealand, the Undie, Ents Committee

Favourite Castle memory: A memorable poker game with James Penston (ask me about it)

Top Tip: Go Hard and send it!! Just make sure you also stay on top of all your work.

Email address: timothy.g.carter@durham.ac.uk

Gabriella Macconnol (UK)

Course: Psychology

Ask me about: Psychology, CCA Primary Education, UCBC Coxing, DU Rifle Shooting, Castle Ball Committee, Sharing a Room

Favourite Castle memory: Having a formal in the castle keep and movie nights in the octagon room (watching horror movies in there hits different…)

Top tip: Get involved in as many college sports and societies as you can! It is a great way to try new activities, meet people within college and to really feel part of the Castle community.

Email: gmfb61@durham.ac.uk

Garance Zinzen (UK/France)

Course: CHSS (Arabic and International Relations)

Ask me about: Swing dance; Combined Honours; VC Arts Scholarships; Castle Welfare; my ~virtual year abroad~ living opposite Lebaneat

Top tip: Try out societies and activities you never thought you’d be interested in – you might find your new favourite thing!

Email: garance.zinzen@durham.ac.uk

Patrick Hayes (Australia)

Course: History 

Ask me about: College history and traditions, sharing a room, being an international student, Australia, the Christian Union, the Ball Committee, the Tech Committee, Castle Chapel, and Castle Mixed Lacrosse.

Favourite Castle memory: Setting up lights on the Durham Castle mound for Castle Tech! Great views, but not a good experience if it’s raining heavily!

Top tip: Make the most of your first year by getting involved in College. Meet as many people as possible and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Email address: patrick.r.hayes@durham.ac.uk