Name: Namrata Hazarika

Age: 19

Course: International Relations

Interests: Volunteering, working for Ents, travelling, eating carbs

Favourite Castle Memory: Dancing and singing along to “We Speak No Americano”, on the day of Matriculation


Name: Elise O’Connor

Age: 19

Course: Theology

Interests: Hockey, Arsenal, Charity, Formals, Cocktail Making, Cocktail Drinking and Knowing all the lyrics to Hamilton

Favourite Castle Memory: Taking a quick power nap on one of the castle stairs to recharge during June Ball


Name: Ferdinand Schultz

Age: 20

Course: Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)

Interests: UCRFC, Rugby, Basketball, Pints, Pubs, Fabs

Favourite Castle Memory: Winning the plate final with the UCRFC for the first time in quite a while and cerebrating it in good old fashion.


Name: Rory Steele

Age: 20

Course: Chemistry

Interests: Despite being American, my main interest would be football, as a player, a supporter and a social member. Along with that I’m an avid skier, competing for my state in alpine events. For college I also play tennis and am a part of the Allotment committee. Listening to Bob say anything is also largely enjoyable.

Favourite Castle Memory: My favourite memory would be any time spent in the Undie, especially an avocado and ice cream filled birthday