Division Head : Archie Jury


My name is Archie and I am this year’s Head of the CCA’s Homeless Division. I am a second year studying Music and am involved in Rowing, Cricket, and I’m directing the College Panto.

At Castle, the homeless division supports Durham’s homeless community by working closely with the Salvation Army. During the week, students volunteer in Sanctuary 21, where they prepare and serve warm food and drink in the centre’s café. We also run a Homelessness Awareness Campaign week towards the end of Michaelmas where we prepare shelter packs, collect fir the food bank and collect sanitary items for homeless and vulnerable women. The division will also be on standby to volunteer at the Durham Winter Night shelter when the temperature falls.

We are always looking for new enthusiastic volunteers who are keen to help out regularly in the café or out other initiatives. The amount of time you choose to commit to volunteering it entirely up to you! Volunteering with this division is both highly rewarding and very enjoyable (complete with socials!) It also gives students the opportunity to make new friends from Castle and engage with people from the local community.

I’ll be at the Fresher’s Fair, but you can also join our Facebook page, FB message me or email me at george.e.jury@durham.ac.uk