The Freps (Freshers’ Representatives) are a team of our students dedicated and excited to welcome you into our college!

From the moment you arrive, they will be there to help you settle in and will remain present for the duration of your Freshers’ Week to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

They will be organising activities, available for welfare support and around to answer any and all of your questions, so don’t hold back!

Erin Waks

Course: Liberal Arts (French and Arabic)
Ask me about: My year abroad in Paris, coxing and UCBC, JSoc, Palatinate (the student newspaper)

Favourite castle memory: When UCBC won the Women’s VIII category at Hexham Regatta in 2019 – after the stress of coxing my first ever race, the celebrations lasted all day, and this will forever be one of my best memories at Durham

Top tip: Don’t panic if you don’t meet your best friends in your first few weeks! It sometimes takes a while to find your people. Stay resilient and don’t compare yourself to others! Rather try joining new clubs and societies to meet new people every day.

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Saffron Hancock

Course: Geography BSc

Ask me about: Geography; Durham University Geographical Society (DUGS); Castle Sports: Netball, Mixed Lax, Basketball; DU Netball, Castle JCR Newsletter Team, sharing a room and being catered with allergies!

Favourite Castle Memory: Decorating the NG staircase with balloons and proposing to Jess at the top when she arrived back from Easter.

(Rob: pianist, Lucy: photographer, Jamie and Charles: flower boys)

Top Tip: I’d 100% recommend sharing a room – it’s great fun and some of the best rooms in college are shared! Even if you have DU commitments try and throw yourself at any Castle sports and societies – I’ve found these can be the best ways to find like-minded friends for life.

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James Penston

Course: Physics

Ask me about: Cricket, Castle golf, novice rowing, Castle Ball committee, the Undie.

Favourite Castle memory: Halloween formal dinner and then going down to the undie (college bar) and spending the best night there with everyone in wacky costumes.

Top tip: Get stuck in with the fancy dress themes and don’t worry if you don’t think you look any good – bad costumes are often the funniest!

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Paige Atkinson 

Course: CHSS (History and Politics)

Ask me About: Mixed lax, CCA Elderly Care, Combined Honours, UCCC (may not know much about cricket, but I do have the club tie) and getting snakebite out of white clothing – I’m a seasoned professional.

Fav Castle Memory: Jamie’s Mum Football Tournament – best player/manager out there, but still waiting for the call up to replace Southgate.

Top Tip: Don’t take yourself too seriously. The best way to make friends is to always be up for a laugh.


Erin Hamer 

Course: French and German

Ask me about: Stash, CCA secondary education, college sport (mixed lax and volleyball — don’t ask me how to play though)

Favourite Castle memory: Drinking way too many Smenergies (our college drink) during the Undie pub quiz and my team still coming 3rd!!

Top tip: Meet as many people as possible and try everything out!! You never know what might become your new favourite thing. (oh, and get the pizza rolls from the toastie bar!!)


Oscar Scott 

Course: History

Ask me about: Durham Student Theatre (especially Castle Theatre Company), Music Durham, concert band, acapella choirs

Favourite Castle memory: Winning the undie quiz!

Top tip: Sign up for LOADS of societies, you don’t have to continue with them all but you might find something unexpected you enjoy


Jess Hunter

Course: Psychology 

Ask me about: Psychology, Castle welfare,  DU rowing, Castle Ball Committee, the Undie, and Durham cafe recommendations 

Favourite Castle memory: When we had a silent disco in the JCR and everyone was singing & dancing to Angels (our college song)

Top tip: Go and watch the sunrise on Observatory Hill after a night out – it is always a such a laugh and the view is amazing.


Robert Almqvist

Degree: Biological Sciences

Ask me about: Rowing (DU…not so subtle flex!), The Undie, CCA Secondary Education, The Toastie Bar, Biology, Sharing a room, UCCC

Favourite Castle Memory: Jamie’s mum, formals on NG, Bar social…there are too many to choose from!

Top tip: Make the most of the Undie. Even if you just grab a toastie and a softie it’s a great way to meet people; so many of my favourite memories in college started in the Undie!


Olivia Farr

Course: Liberal Arts

Ask me about: Castle Charity Fashion Show (CCFS), University College Boat Club (UCBC), Durham and Castle Lacrosse, Durham University Charity Fashion Show (DUCFS), Modern Languages, Liberal Arts (Chinese, Spanish and History of art in particular!)

Favourite Castle memory: The whole of June Ball was an incredible event right from the get go. With a marquee on Palace Green, a ferris wheel and acts all throughout the night, ending with Survivor’s breakfast, it will always be a night (and a morning!) that I will never forget.

Top Tip: Flip flops in the shower. Always. Trust me on that one!

Durham email:

William Steinburg

Course: Criminology

Ask me about: Criminology, Sociology, Cricket, Rowing, Lacrosse (Or anything else to be honest!)

Favourite Castle Memory: It has to be either winning Durham Regatta or the Cricket Social (Leather and Willow), where a few too many “Vodka Lems” pushed me past my prime.

Top Tip: It sounds cliche, but you genuinely just have to get stuck in with everything and put yourself out there, as it’s the best way to get to know people and have fun!

Archie Jury

Course: Music

Ask me about: CCA Homeless Division, Rowing, June Ball Committee, Cricket, living in Moatside, my year out in Nepal…

Favourite Castle Memory: Either being referred to as a “big hitter” in the CastleVHatfield rounders derby or being given a free extra sausage by the Saddler St Greggs lady after 3 terms of shweffing

Top Tip: Befriend the catering staff for second servings. A Hawaiian shirt (+hula hoop), obscure hat, and a hivis jacket can be stretched to many a fancy dress brief. Buy the freps cheesy chips after a night out. Learn the rules of the game…


Lucy Cardy

Course: BSc Physical Geography

Ask me about: Volcanoes, the Welfare Team, working for West Courtyard Café/ the Undercroft Committee – outside of College I also love spending time outdoors, working with animals and travelling to new places, which sometimes include the local A&E as I’m quite accident-prone..!

Favourite Castle Memory: Turning up for 8am breakfast after my housemates threw me a surprise ball on Norman Gallery (NG) – covered in party poppers, cowboy hats, and making the very best of a lockdown birthday with the perfect company

Top tip: Honestly just take as many photos and videos as you can – there is nothing better than having snippets of different moments to look back on which you’d otherwise forget.

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Charlotte Brown

Course: Theoretical Physics

Ask me about: College and University wide music! I am Castle’s Music Representative and the president of the Hill Orchestra. If I can’t answer your question, I will know who can!

Favourite Castle Memory: Getting to rehearse and perform in amazing venues like the Great Hall and Norman Chapel. The acoustic and atmosphere is amazing!

Top tip: Even if you think you are the only person in the world who feels a certain way, you’re wrong. There is always someone else who has similar experiences. Don’t be afraid to talk to other people (including college office) and you might make some unexpected friends along the way!


Kate O’Flaherty

Course: Law

Ask me about: Law, Ents Committee, Ball Committee, CCA, CCFS, the Undie and Castle Tennis.

Favourite Castle Memory: Sledding on observatory hill which resulted in most people just tumbling down and colliding.

Top Tip: Everyone says it and it really is true, it’s first year HAVE FUN! Honestly join everything you can and don’t worry about finding a friend group straightaway. By joining everything, you will find your people eventually and have a far better time.


Ross Wright 

Course: Physics

Ask me about: Physics and maths, the undie, nepotism, living in moatside, panto

Favourite Castle memory: Zak’s intensive care birthday, Jamie’s mum (5-a-side football tournament), bar social

Top tip: Apply for exec…


Isabella Clowes

Course: Combine Honours in Social Science (French and Business Management)

Ask me about: Combined honours, ENTS Committee, Castle sports (Football and Mixed Lacrosse) and sharing a room

Favourite Castle Memory: Probably sledding down Observatory Hill in winter and discovering the house wine at spags

Top Tip: Get involved and get busy! Go to as many socials and events as possible!


Emily Raikes
Course: Anthropology BSc

Ask me about: Castle hockey, rounders, netball, mixed lacrosse, moatside, Anthropology

Favourite Castle memory: It has to be netball social dressed as a carrot and embarrassing myself at Klute

Top tip: Join loads of societies and get involved in everything – you’ll regret it if you don’t.

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David White

Course: French and Italian

Ask me about: Castle sport, the toastie bar and modern languages
Favourite castle memory: Cricket social, football debut and consistently losing money through poker
Top tip: Get stuck into everything, be yourself and don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself
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