The Freps (Freshers’ Representatives) are a team of our students dedicated and excited to welcome you into our college!

From the moment you arrive, they will be there to help you settle in and will remain present for the duration of your Freshers’ Week to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

They will be organising activities, available for welfare support and around to answer any and all of your questions, so don’t hold back!

Anj Pillai (She/Her)

Course: Biology

Ask me about: College Mixed lax, netball, panto, charities, (Arts Week) and DU Lax

Favourite Castle Memory: Castle mixed lax York Varsity- a tough 17-0 win preceded and followed by questionable singing, sufficient boozing and continuous crappy jokes.

Top Tip: It’s okay to take time out for yourself during Freshers’ Week. Don’t feel pressured to socialise every second of every day!!

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Billy Allday (He/Him)

Course: History

Ask me about: Football, Ball Committee, Social Committee, History Society, The Durham Union Society (weekly debates with invited speakers – Durham University’s oldest and largest society – more info can be found at

Favourite Castle Memory: The final hour of Ladies Night (1st Term Ball) – the casino, silent disco and live band!

Top Tip: Just spend as long as possible in dinner, chatting in the Great Hall.

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Cerys Edwards (She/Her)

Course: Geography (Bsc)

Ask me about: DU Hockey, Palatinate (the student newspaper), Ents committee, castle panto, CCA secondary education.

Favourite Castle Memory: Post formal trips to Jimmies – definitely the best club in Durham.

Top Tip: Go to tea and toast after nights out in Freshers’ Week. Not only do you sober up with free food, but you also get to meet loads of new people.

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Charlie McKeever (He/Him)

Course: lol who knows (Business and Management for legit)

Ask me about: The Undie, Business, Physics, badminton, the exec, college office, the wider university, VBC, squash, Lumley Castle – literally anything (I’ve been here for AGES).

Favourite Castle Memory: Learning the chants in Freshers’ Week then teaching them over the next few years as I frepped, and of course running the ghost tour – soooo fun.

Top Tip: Get stuck in, give everything and shot and you never know what you’ll enjoy. Even if you don’t drink, come to the Undie and get a softie and chat to people and you’ll make loads of awesome friends.

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Ellie Seymour (She/Her)

Course: Psychology (Psych and Philosophy)

Ask me about: Fem Soc, IKEA society, environmentalism and getting lost (I’m pretty good at it).

Favourite Castle Memory: Chatting for hours in the hall after meals – or alternatively, that time I dressed up as Waterloo Station and accidentally got my (new) toilet brush stuck on a stranger’s jumper en route to the bar.

Top Tip: My advice, honestly, would be to relax. Find what you love and throw yourself into it – but equally if you don’t happen across your people or your passions right away, don’t stress; try new things and just enjoy what you can. Also do your washing!

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Enoch Omale (He/Him)

Course: Computer Science

Ask me about: Football (college), Futsal (college/DU), Art Society, Film Making Society, ACS (and Nigerian Society), Christian Union (and college Chapel), also ask me for a good movie/tv show/anime recommendation!

Favourite Castle Memory: Any of the times playing Mario Kart with friends in the Undie (our college bar).

Top Tip: Just to get stuck into everything. Obviously, study and work hard, but you’ve got loads more free time compared to high school (especially in first year) to find good friends and good activities to make the start of your uni life a blast!

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Grace Calder (She/Her)

Course: Geography (BA)

Ask me about: Panto, Arts week (ask me about the golden statue), Mixed lacrosse (see you for socials!!), Durham Student Theatre (DTS), Castle Community Action (CCA).

Favourite Castle Memory: Castle pres (called hermits, but you’ll soon find out all about that) on Palatinalps (the university ski trip).

Top Tip: Strepsils, strepsils, strepsils – it’s tricky to introduce yourself when you can’t speak from ruining your voice 3 nights into freshers.

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Josh Southworth (He/Him)

Course: Biological Sciences

Ask me about: Badminton, Judo, Biology.

Favourite Castle Memory: My favourite memory has got to be seeing everyone in Owengate dressed up as each other for a themed bar crawl.

Top Tip: Freshers flu isn’t a myth! Be prepared to buy lots of Lemsip.

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Kiran Doshi (He/Him)

Course: Finance

Ask me about: Formals, college, university sport and volunteering (I’m the treasurer of Outreach – Castle’s charity/ volunteering society).

Favourite Castle Memory: Ladies night and meeting my college family at parent formal.

Top Tip: Sign up to loads of different sports and societies at the Castle Freshers’ Fair. Great way to get involved and meet new people!

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Margot Calame (She/Her)

Course: Modern Languages & Cultures

Ask me about: Volunteering for CCA, running, coxing, lacrosse, college Panto, being an international student.

Favourite Castle Memory: When my college wife Rachel, another Frep, proposed to me in French!

Top Tip: Get involved as much as you can, especially in first term. You’ll get to meet so many different people, make great friends, and discover skills you didn’t think you had.

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Rachel Burgin (She/Her)

Course: Chemistry

Ask me about: Chemistry, volunteering, lacrosse, CCA Homeless Division.

Favourite Castle Memory: When I proposed to Margot (another Frep) in French to college marry me after a Formal in the Courtyard.

Top Tip: Bring a doorstop. Just trust me, it will come in handy. Saves you running to the porters in your towel when you locked yourself out of your room after going to the shower!

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Sophie Watts (She/Her)

Course: Geography (BA)

Ask me about: Geography, Castle Community Action, college hockey, The Durham Union and Jimmies!

Favourite Castle Memory: Every single night in the Undie (our college bar) which ended in a trip to Jimmies has a very special place in my heart!

Top Tip: Embrace every opportunity that comes your way! University is an amazingly diverse place, where you can get involved in almost anything. This ranges from university led societies, college sports, volunteering, bar crawls and nights out in Durham’s finest club, Jimmies! Take full advantage of this, particularly in your first year when you have the most free-time.

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Stella Peterson (She/Her)

Course: French and Spanish

Ask me about: I set up the Castle IKEA Society; I’m DUCK’s (Durham University Charities Kommittee) Publicity Offer in 20/21; I do Ballroom & Latin dancing with DUDT (Durham University Dancesport Team).

Favourite Castle Memory: In Feb 2020 the Ball Committee Chair hosted a dinner to celebrate the successes of the two previous Castle balls, and it was a wicked evening! Can’t go wrong with wine and good company, am I right?

Top Tip: HAVE FUN! Don’t stress about making good mates from day 1 – just concentrate on having a blast and enjoying yourself! That way, you’ll have a fantastic first year.

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Tom Johnson (He/Him)

Course: French and German

Ask me about: Musical life at Durham – I was a part of the Hild Bede Chapel Choir and the Durham University Concert Band; travelled to York, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool with them this year. Also a part of the Castle Chamber Choir and performed within Castle and around Durham. Part of Panto and attended plenty of formals!

Favourite Castle Memory: Bierfest – laughing and dancing with friends dressied inininininnin dressed in lederhosen while beer was getting spilt over everything and everyone.

Top Tip: Take pictures of everything – you won’t realise at the time what becomes a memory.

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Umang Asif (She/Her)

Course: Accounting and Finance

Ask me about: Absolutely Anything! From information regarding Freshers’ Week to Castle Sports (mainly table-tennis and badminton!!), town directions, different societies and anything in between.

Favourite Castle Memory: My “pre-parent” formal at Anna & Izzie’s place.

Top Tip: Never stop partying… you never know when a pandemic will hit.

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