The Freps (Freshers’ Representatives) are a team of our students dedicated and excited to welcome you into our college!

From the moment you arrive, they will be there to help you settle in and will remain present for the duration of your Freshers’ Week to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

They will be organising activities, available for welfare support and around to answer any and all of your questions, so don’t hold back!

Zoe Bradbury

Course: Psychology
Ask me about: Psychology, Bailey court, cats and Disney

Favourite castle memory: falling down the laundry room stairs 🙂

Top tip: visit me at the cat cafe to de-stress…

Email address:


Romy Barratt

Course: Music

Ask me about: all things music (college and uni wide), moatside and the local cuisine.

Favourite Castle Memory: the silent disco in castle courtyard in freshers week

Top Tip: Don’t get freshers flu!

Email address:

Rachel Burgin

Course: Chemistry MChem

Ask me about: Anything Castle, working in The Undie, Castle Social Events, being on the exec, Chemistry, volunteering for CCA, doing an internship at Durham.

Favourite Castle memory: Castle Day- drinking lots of pimms, bouncing on bouncy castles, and bringing back the castle ranger competition!

Top tip: Bring a doorstop

Email address:


Amelia Dawson

Course: Law

Ask me About: Law and philosophy, living in castle (Bailey court), UCBC, DUBS, the castle first generation society.

Fav Castle Memory: sinners initiation, June ball 2022.

Top Tip: don’t overthink freshers week as everyone is just as nervous as you are.



Sophia Barton 

Course: History

Ask me about: Volunteering, Moatside, College Netball, History

Favourite Castle memory: Getting my dinner delivered to me splattered all over the delivery box when I had covid

Top tip: Don’t have a bath in Moatside. Ever.



Alfie Twilley 

Course: BSc Geography

Ask me about: Geography, Castle life, the JCR, being a local at durham university

Favourite Castle memory: There’s far too many to choose from but if I have to pick it would have to be halfway hall experiencing my first ball in a castle which turned out to be my best night in durham.

Top tip: Don’t worry if you don’t find your people straight away, it may take days, weeks or months but you will eventually find them!



Sebastian Braw-Smith

Course: Politics

Ask me about: politics, music, living in the castle

Favourite Castle memory: having no breakfast after June ball

Top tip: get involved



Alicia Black

Course: Psychology

Ask me about: the Undie, women’s football (UCWAFC), Ball and June Ball Committee, the best places for coffee and whether I like sambuca

Favourite Castle Memory: Archie Jury’s Halfway Hall Speech

Top Tip: to push yourself out of your comfort zones as soon as possible by getting involved and taking every opportunity presented to you. You’ll regret it if you don’t!


Michael Osei-George

Course: Computer Science

Ask me about: Christian Union & Churches, the non-drinking life (including freshers week events specifically), cheap train tickets, race

Favourite Castle Memory: June Ball

Top Tip: 4 words – “Can I join you?” – will get you very far


Victoria Bowland

Course: Criminology

Ask me about: Best cafes in Durham, ESN, Ball Committee, canoeing (DUCC), Criminology, my year abroad

Favourite castle memory: Big Summer Blowout and going to the racecourse for Paddy’s after

Top tip: The time goes really fast, making a 1 second of the day is a great way to look back on the year and remember the little things. Also.. If you take your clean coffee cups back to Cafedral, they’ll give you a free avocado plant!


Anna E. Pigozne 

Course: Criminology BA (+ literature and IT)

Ask me about: life as a national international student (both uk and outside education), social events and how to successfully integrate tofu into any meal

Favourite castle memory: not to sound corny but almost every day had something lovely to offer

Top tip: Invest in a wireless fan



Liza Drobyshev 

Course: Economics and Politics

Ask me about: anything econ related, women’s football at castle, languages!

Favourite castle memory: beer soaked sponge fights at the jubilee party, every S5 pre’s we ever hosted

Top tip: be open minded and don’t take first year too serious!



Katherine Twohig

Course: Combined Honours in Social Sciences (Archaeology, Anthropology & Chinese)

Ask me about: CHSS, languages, teaching English abroad, Bishop Auckland Big Dig, musical theatre & violin, living in Moatside.

Favourite castle memory: Live music & Pimms on Jubilee Day, Halloween Hound and family formals!

Top tip: Be open to new opportunities and trying new things! Joining lots of societies and going to their socials is a great way to meet new people from a range of colleges. At the same time, don’t be afraid to know your limits 🙂