Name: Katie Hodgson

Age: 20

Course: Engineering

Interests: I enjoy all sports especially swimming and skiing

Favourite castle memory: Palatinalps



Name: Bob Howat

Age: 20

Course: MLAC (French & Arabic)

Interests: Football, Politics, Comedy

Favourite Castle Memory: Winning the College Elf election, footy tour to Warsaw and June Ball



Name: A Hus (Alisa Hussain) 

Age: 19

Course: Computer Science

Interests: Vlogging, watching documentaries, pretending I’m an influencer, volunteering

Favourite Castle Memory: Getting college proposed to on christmas formal was a very emotional ordeal!


Name: Aamena Ismail

Age: 19

Course: History

Interests: Anything East London, travelling, plants, plants and plants. Eating my way through life, anything but History…

Favourite Castle Memory: The Bruno Mars tribute act at June Ball was a truly spectacular experience! Dancing my way through “Treasure” felt like being with the man himself!

Name: Molly Kavanagh

Age: 20

Course: English Literature

Interests: rowing, books, travelling and all nice food!

Favourite Castle Memory: meeting my college family, formals and long chats in the great hall



Name: Sam Kwiatkowski

Age: 19

Course: Maths

Interests: Water polo, ultimate frisbee, Jimmy Allen’s (Durham’s no.1 club), getting rejected from college jobs, volunteering, fortnite

Favourite Castle Memory: Snowball fight on palace green


Name: Victoria Leigh

Age: 19

Course: Mathematics

Interests: Netball, pizza, music, football, cats, wine and Castle formals.

Favourite Castle Memory: Singing Angels as loud as we could at 5:00am in the castle courtyard at June Ball.


Name: Conor McIvor

Age: 19

Course: Engineering

InterestsDU Triathlon (incoming Social Sec so this is a shameless plug) for its immense value as the only 3 in 1 DU sport. Castle Lacrosse for its legendary members and socials. Beer – unknown. College family – undisclosed. Will also be on Castle Outreach and Running Club exec committees so get involved! 

Favourite Castle memoryCastle Hatfield day lacrosse, when a combination of Castle spirit, blinding luck and beer saw us emerge victorious against both Hatfield and the York varsity side, as we endured Lucas’s questionable chat and made the most of Durham’s summer sun. 

Name: Didier Muller  

Age: 21

Course: Theology and Religion

Interests: Themed socials, Chocolate m&ms and low-budget horrors

Favourite Castle Memory: When my wife proposed to me (eat it patriarchy)


Name: Anna Patchett 

Age: 19

Course: All ancient things like temples, Homer, Ovid and dead languages

Interests: Playing lacrosse with Izzie, watching Teen Wolf with Izzie, hanging in Izzie’s room, napping with Izzie, going to Jimmy’s with Izzie, going to the Undie with Izzie and drinking Undie Lager, being drunk with Izzie, going to meals with Izzie, playing rounders with Izzie. Oh also my college wife (IZZZIE).

Favourite Castle Memory: All things mixed lax, including socials, matches, Castle-Hatfield day and the people!!! #selfpromotion please come to the lax socials they will be the best time of your life.

Name: Izzie Pearce

Age: 20

Course: Geography

Interests: Aside from colouring, I love everything castle – from stash and lax, to rounders and VSS. I also love watching films and sports, exploring, laughing with pals and food.

Favourite Castle Memory: Castle Sports Day!! Was a super day, and testimony to that – my stomach muscles hurt the next day due to excessive laughing. All years came together and got some beers flowing while playing a wide variety of friendly games. Was a cracking day!

Name: Rajiv Sejpal 

Age: 19

Course: Accounting & Finance

Interests; Cricket, being a DU athlete, Football, Quarter Zips, did I mention being a DU athlete?

Favourite Castle Memory; all the formals, especially my first one.



Name: Eleanor Smith 

Age: 20

Course: History

Interests: Formals, Football, Socials, Big Band

Favourite castle memory: Castle chants in the courtyard and any formal!



Name: AJ Sung

Age: 19

Course: Computer Science

Interests: Rowing, Running, Ultimate Frisbee and Skiing

Favourite Castle Memory: My First Formal (they are a lot of fun!)

Favourite Moment of Freshers’ Week: Tea and Toast (biggest blessing after a night out)

Name: Ollie Valmas

Age: 19

Course: Computer Science

Interests: Cooking, singing, acting (castle panto), frisbee

Favourite Castle Memory: Formals and June Ball




Name: Erin Waks    

Age: 19

Course: Liberal Arts (Arabic, French and English)

Interests: Languages, books, French films, coxing, travelling

Favourite Castle Memory: Singing Angels at the end of Freshtival as it was the moment I really knew I was in the right place


Name: Lulu Welford-Carol

Age: 21

Course: Theology and Religion

Interests: formals, rounders, ents & june ball, toastie bar, CCA

Favourite Castle Memory: parent formal pt 2, castle hermits on the ski trip