Formal Signup

How to Sign Up to Formal:

1. Go onto UCFormal (link has been emailed out and is on the Facebook group Castle Freshers). 

2. Create an account with your Durham email.

3. On the ‘You’ tab, add your dietary requirements and liver-in (catered) or liver- out (non-catered) information.

4. On ‘Schedule’ you’ll be able to see the next available formals, with the amount of spaces, menu, price, etc.

5. On ‘Billing’ you’ll see how your bill is looking, but you’ll only have to pay at the end of the term, when invoices will be sent.

6. On ‘Market’ you can sell and buy formal spaces if you didn’t manage to get a place.

– Signup opens at exactly 8am two days before formal, so for Tuesday formals it opens at 8am on Sunday and for Thursday formal it opens at 8am on Tuesday.

– At exactly 8am, on the ‘Signup’ tab, the ‘Signup closed’ button will change to ‘View Formal’.

– You’ll be given a very easy maths challenge to answer (this is to prevent cheating bots).

– You can choose how many guests you want.

– Press ‘Signup’!

– All done! It’s first come first serve so make sure you’re quick!

– On the top right corner of the age you’ll be able to see how many spaces are left. If you don’t make it, there is a reserves list, and when people drop out these move onto formal. You can also buy a space on the ‘Market’.

– If you’re brining a guest with a dietary requirement inform the Services Manager as soon as you signup, otherwise they won’t be catered for.

– Signup is finalised at 11am the day of the formal. This means that you can’t cancel your space/guest space after that and will be charged for it.

– You’ll receive an email with a ticket for formal a few hours before it starts. Make sure you have this on you when entering the Great Hall, as you might get asked for it.