JCR Exec 2017/18 Elections

The Elections for the JCR Exec positions for the next academic year have come round at this point in Epiphany term, all candidate resources have been collated and updated as they come in. For more details on the present Exec Committee members and their roles, see here.

[toggle title=’Election Group 1 – Vice Senior Student, Welfare Officer, and Development Officer’ border = ‘none’ title_font_size=’20px’]

Vice Senior Student Candidates:

 Ualan Campbell-Smith, Manifesto – Elected!

Welfare Officer Candidates:

 Erin Collins, Manifesto – Elected!

Development Officer Candidates:

Owen Sparkes, Manifesto – Elected!


Hustings took place in the Undercroft, Wednesday 8th February 2017.


Voting will last for 24 hours upon opening on the University College Elections Website. [/toggle]

[toggle title=’Election Group 2 – Unions and Societies Officer, Campaigns Officer, Services Manager, and Outreach Officer’ border = ‘none’ title_font_size=’20px’ title_color = ‘#ff0000’]

Campaigns Officer Candidates:

Katya Ellis, Manifesto – Elected!

Outreach Officer Candidates:

Christina Slater, Manifesto – Elected!

Ella Taylor, Manifesto

Services Manager Candidates:

Ross Windell, Manifesto – Elected!

Unions and Societies Officer Candidates:

Ben Rich, Manifesto – Elected!

Sam Richardson, Manifesto

Hustings taking place in the Undercroft, 7pm Wednesday 15th February 2017.


[toggle title=’Election Group 3 – Senior Student’ border = ‘none’ title_font_size=’20px’ expand = 1]


Thomas Steventon, his manifesto can be found here

Pippa Prevost-Jones, her manifesto can be found here – Elected!

Elliot Brown, his manifesto can be found here

Hustings took place in the Undercroft, 7pm Wednesday 1st March 2017.



For on-demand results on elections from every JCR Exec Election Group including the past academic years’ elections, please see our University College Elections Website.


If you have any questions regarding the Election and Selection of the JCR Executive Committee, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the JCR Chairman, Matthew Jennings (m.w.jennings@durham.ac.uk).