Environment Officer: Mattie Taylor

Hi, my name is Mattie and I’m Castle’s Environment Officer for this year! I study biological sciences and I’m a second year. The environment division of CCA is fairly new to castle – I’m just the second environment officer – and this year I am very excited to be setting up the first environment committee to help create a bigger impact within Castle’s community. With waste and plastic awareness having such a huge presence in the media recently, we really want to focus on this throughout the year, both with raising awareness and changing some of the products used within castle to reusable/compostable alternatives. As well as this, the Castle Allotment is planning to expand this year and so enable us to grow even more fresh vegetables within the grounds of Castle to supply the homeless meals with. We are also hoping to take on some of the themed awareness weeks that the university has chosen for this year, such as “Waste Awareness week” and creating our own week promoting the benefits that eating less meat has on the environment. I’m very optimistic that we can have a big impact on the way things work within the college, and to hopefully encourage a few more people to think about the environment a little more. I’m open to all ideas and suggestions over the year – send me an email at matilda.taylor@durham.ac.uk if you have any questions.