Environment Officer

Environment Officer: Mattie Taylor

The role of the environment officer is threefold. Firstly, to coordinate the JCR with ‘Greenspace’ – the University’s broader environmental initiatives and activities. Secondly, to run environmental campaigns within college. Thirdly, to assist college office in ensuring the activities within college, from the running of the bar to June Ball, are as low impact environmentally as possible.

I’m Mattie, I study biological Sciences and I’m about to be a second year at Castle. The environment division of CCA is fairly new to castle – I’m just the second environment officer – and this year I’m hoping to set up the first environment committee to help create a bigger impact within Castle’s community. With waste and plastic awareness having such a huge presence in the media recently, I really want to focus on this throughout the year, both with raising awareness and changing some of the products used within castle to reusable/compostable alternatives. As well as this, I will be supervising the Castle Allotment, and taking on some of the themed awareness weeks that the uni has chosen for this year.