Environment Officer

Environment Officer: Ben Gilbey

GilbeyThe role of the environment officer is threefold. Firstly, to coordinate the JCR with ‘Greenspace’ – the University’s broader environmental initiatives and activities. Secondly, to run environmental campaigns within college. Thirdly, to assist college office in ensuring the activities within college, from the running of the bar to June Ball, are as low impact environmentally as possible.

Hello! My name is Ben Gilbey and I’m your environment officer for the year. I am a finalist Human Geographer, and in my spare time can be found running, working on security and exchanging recycling tips with the JCR’s treasurer. I am aiming this year to set up an environmental committee within the JCR and to pioneer a project alongside the Hild Bede environmental officer to ensure leftover food from college meals is used by charities or livers out.

Please drop me a line at b.w.gilbey@durham.ac.uk if you have any questions.EnvCommLogo