Elections and Selections

Throughout the year in JCR meetings and in the centre of term elections and selections are held for the posts of the JCR. Some are central to its running and functioning such as the Executive committee and the many non-executive roles. Others like the College Elves elected at JCR meeting 2 before Christmas have less to do, but are still integral to giving the college its character and maintaining the college’s spirit in it’s own way. Each and every one encompasses our college motto – Non Nobis Solum (not for ourselves alone).

These roles are scheduled to be elected at the JCR Meetings:

Michaelmas Term:

Meeting 1:
3 Standing Orders Committee Representatives
D.S.U Representatives
3 Finance Committee Representatives
2 College Candles
2 College Condoms
Meeting 2:
Preventions Officer
Iron Man Co-ordinator
College Elves


Epiphany Term:

Meeting 3:
College Yearbook Representatives
Arts Week Representatives
Castle Day Representatives
Pretensions Officer

Purchases Manager
Castle Society Representative
Finance Committee Representatives


Easter Term:

Meeting 4:

Arts Week Director
J.C.R. Chairman
J.C.R. Vice Chairman

Male Freshers Representatives
Female Freshers Representatives
International Freshers Representatives
Pantomime Co-Ordinator
Environment Officer
Chief Brodie


Additional College Servants roles electable at Meeting 4 of Easter Term…
College Ambassador to the EU
College Curse
College Div
College Dyson
College Flag
College Murderer
College Tandem
College Toupee
Commanding Officer Royal Castle Dragoons
Dung Disposer
and last but certainly not least,
The College Hero, recommended at any JCR Meeting!


Please note: these roles and scheduled dates of election are referenced from the current amendment of the Standing Orders. These are always adjusted as the roles and what how they fit in with college life do change over time. If you request a completely up to date reference of election dates and also full description of any roles please check the current Standing Orders!