Elderly Care

Division Head: Catherine Fryer-Spedding

My name is Catherine and I will be the Head of the Elderly Care Division for the CCA this year. I am going into my second year of studying Classics and since I am part of my local rowing team at home, I have really loved getting involved with the college Rowing Club. I can’t wait to get started with volunteering again next year and am looking forward to meeting new volunteers as well!

The Elderly Care Division aims to form a closer relationship between the students and the elderly residents of Durham. This involves volunteering at the local care homes, inviting the elderly to events in college and providing home visits for elderly residents of Durham who may be living alone. Volunteering at the care homes is a lovely way to get to interact with the older members of the Durham community and provide company and entertainment for them. This can mean poetry reading sessions, arts and crafts afternoons or even musical performances. The Elderly Division also organises and hosts two afternoon teas within college, working together with the charity Age UK, which the elderly residents of Durham are invited to. This year we are also hoping to initiate more home visits with older residents living in the local area and set up technology tutorials with old people who are on their own and may be suffering from loneliness. This is especially important with regards to the current situation with Covid-19, where many old people may have been stuck inside on their own for months now.

Volunteering with the Elderly Division is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience and is a chance to meet lots of lovely and interesting people. If you are interested, please feel free to message Catherine with any questions.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Elderly Care division, feel free to contact Catherine – cca.elderly@durham.ac.uk