Development Officer

Development Officer: Anj Pillai

My role as Development Officer sees people into and out of Castle. I organise the college’s Open Days and Freshers’ Week as well as managing alumni relations and arranging career events. In addition, I am responsible for running Castle’s Careers and Sponsorship Committee and for Castle tours and sports and societies photos.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.16, p.16)

Hi, my name is Anj and I’m your Development Officer for this year. I’m a 3rd year biology student and am involved with several extracurricular activities both in and out of college.

Ask me about: College Mixed lacrosse, Netball, Panto, Charities, (Arts Week) and Durham University Lacrosse.

Interests: Most people would probably describe me as a college keeno. So feel free to ask me anything about mixed lax, netball, panto, charities, (Arts Week) and of course our college bar the Undie! I also take part in DU lax so am more than happy to chat about that too.

Favourite Castle Memory: Castle mixed lax York Varsity- a tough 17-0 win preceded and followed by questionable singing and terrible chat.

Top Tip: It’s okay to take time out for yourself during Freshers’ Week. Don’t feel pressured to socialise every second of every day!!

Contact me: (personal) or