Development Officer

Development Officer: Owen Sparkes

The Development Officer is chiefly responsible for a number of main areas. They run the College’s Careers and Sponsorship Committee; they organise and promote events around the College and the University, as well as managing Alumni relations with the College’s Alumni Officer, and finally they run the College’s Open Days and Fresher’s Week. The best way to understand the role of Development Officer is that they see people both into, and out of, the College.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.16, p.16)

Hi everyone, I’m Owen and I am the Development Officer for 2017 – 2018! I am a third year reading History, and my interests are theatre, art and all things College-related. If you have any questions about what I cover, don’t hesitate to reach me at, and if you’re interested in getting involved in the Careers and Sponsorship Committee which I run, let me know.