Development Officer

Development Officer: Jess Hunter

My role as Development Officer sees people into and out of Castle. I organise the college’s Open Days and Freshers’ Week as well as managing alumni relations and arranging career events.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.16, p.16)

Hi, my name is Jess and I’m your Development Officer for this year. I’m a 3rd year Psychology student and I have loved getting involved in student life both in Castle and Durham as a whole. I love chatting to new people so please feel free to come and say hello! My top tip is to throw yourself into as many opportunities as you can when you get to uni, it’s the best way to meet some amazing, like-minded friends!

Ask me about: Castle Welfare, Undercroft Bar, Ball Committee/June Ball Committee, Social committee, Durham University Rowing, Panto & the best brunch recommendations in Durham

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