Development Officer

Development Officer: Izzie Pearce (She/Her)

My role as Development Officer sees people into and out of Castle. I organise the college’s Open Days and Freshers’ Week as well as managing alumni relations and arranging career events. In addition, I am responsible for running Castle’s Careers and Sponsorship Committee and for castle tours, sports and societies photos and Floreat (Castle’s student publication).

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.16, p.16)

Hi everyone,

I’m Izzie, your Development Officer for this year. I’m a 3rd year geography student and involved with numerous extra-curricular activities, both in and out of college.

Interests: I love everything castle – from lacrosse and stash, to the Porters and the Undie (our college bar). I also love watching films and sports, food and laughing with pals. Favourite Castle Memory: My favourite Castle memories mainly come from our college events, e.g. Castle Day, June Ball and Hounds (Castle-only discos in the Undie). However, nothing beats the Castle Sports Day we had when I was a fresher. The weather was amazing, and all years turned up for a day filled with friendly games and excessive laughing. It was awesome!

If you want to get in touch, just email me at (for development related stuff!)