College Office

Acting Master – Dr Richard Lawrie –

Richard Lawrie is Acting Master of University College. Richard holds a PhD in History from Durham University.  Richard is ultimately responsible for the overseeing student support within the College, admissions, alumni relations, the Welfare support system and deals primarily with more serious issues; however, he is available for anyone who just needs a chat too! Like meeting the Welfare team, seeing him is confidential unless he feels you are at serious risk. His office can be found in the College Office, and you can go and see him with a range of issues whether they are personal, financial or academic. He can advise you on a suitable course of action and liaise with departments. 


Acting Vice-Master & Senior Tutor – Mr Andrew Tibbs –

Andrew Tibbs is currently the Acting Vice-Master & Senior Tutor. Andrew has an undergraduate degree in politics, and is currently undertaking a PhD with the Department of Archaeology, where his research focuses on Roman military installations in Northern Britain. His role within College includes providing student support, oversight of admissions and allocations, and delivering development and careers advice.


Student Support Officer: Paula Furness –

Paula is your first point of contact in College Office for all student-related issues. She can offer advice on the workings of University procedures and pin point the best people to contact about particular issues. She can also make appointments for students to see the Senior Tutor.