Charities Officer: Connie Gillespie

Hi, i’m Connie and I’m your Charities officer next year! I’m going into second year studying History. On my year out I volunteered with Raleigh International in Tanzania and when I came home I was determined to continue with outreach activities on a local scale. I remember hearing about CCA in fresher’s week and thinking what an amazing opportunity to volunteer. At home in Edinburgh, I found it hard to find the right volunteering opportunities as a google search can be slightly overwhelming, but at University the chance to be involved in outreach activities is literally right in front of you; it seemed wrong not to take advantage of this and work with the community that we live with for 3-4 years.

This year as Charities Officer, I am planning to run an event a term to fundraise for the JCR elected charity. From ‘awkward formal’ to sport societies’ speed dating to Christmas Bake sales hopefully we will add to Castles already exuberant social calendar, whilst also raising money for charity- win win. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing and art and am also head of DU life drawing, Castle Rowing and the Ents and June Ball committee where we get to organize all the fantastic balls that Castle puts on. I really can’t urge people enough to join in with Outreach activities, it’s not only a great way to meet more people in Castle but also to meet more of the people of Durham.

Find me frepping at fresher’s week or at any time next year to talk about charities/outreach, fundraising ideas you have or if you just want a cup of tea and a chat!