Charities Officer: Amelia Sylvester

I’m Amelia and I’m this year’s Charities Officer. I’m in third year studying criminology. I was first introduced to CCA and Outreach in my fresher’s week, I was immediately interested in getting involved. Over my first and second year I regularly took part in the community meal for the homeless and afternoon tea with the elderly. I was also involved with Ents and June Ball Committee. It was this combination of interests, charity work and events, that lead to me becoming Charities Officer. I continue to volunteer with Student Community Action in their residential and kennel dog walking programmes as well as CCA and I believe that everyone would benefit from getting involved with volunteering!

This year we are supporting Tyneside and Northumberland Mind, a well deserving charity that provides support for those who struggle with mental illness in the North East region as well as support for the emergency services who operate to help those with mental illnesses. We plan on holding many events throughout the year to raise as much money as possible, from the upcoming ‘awkward formal’ to candy cane selling and charity sports matches, I really hope that everyone will get on board to support this charity.

I really encourage everyone to get involved with Outreach activities, there is something to suit everyone with varying levels of commitment so there’s no reason not to get involved! We will also be looking for extra pairs of hands to help with larger charity events so if this is something you’re interested in or if you have any questions about charity in Castle, do get in touch.