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Campaigns Officer: Abby Scott

12924379_979878918746819_7354590003006500131_nThe Campaigns Officer is responsible for running all of the welfare campaigns in college, working in close conjunction with the Welfare Officer and the DSU. They also help to manage the Assistant Welfare Team and are responsible for the all important housing campaigns aimed to help Freshers (and even some in later years) when it comes to the potentially confusing and stressful period of trying to find a house to live in for your year(s) outside of Castle.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.14-15, p.15)

Hi everyone! I’m a third year chemist and this year’s Campaigns Officer. Alongside the Welfare Officer, I’m here to be one of your points of contact regarding various support services and to listen and help you with any issues you may face throughout the year. I also act as ‘Livers Out Rep’ so if you’d like any information relating to housing or any support when living out then please don’t hesitate to get in touch! In addition to this, I run the welfare campaign weeks during the year about various issues such as mental health awareness, sexual health and exam stress. The aim of these campaigns are to facilitate open discussion, provide information and to raise awareness by supporting students in becoming more informed. If you would like to find out any more information or are affected by any of the issues discussed during campaign weeks and wish to discuss them, myself and the rest of the welfare team are happy to help.

I am passionate about making sure anyone who feels like they would like support knows how to access it and feels comfortable to do so, as often that first step in seeking help can be a very difficult one. So if at point during the year there’s something on your mind, please remember the welfare team are here. Have a look through the Welfare section of this website to find out about the different services we offer and the different ways you can get in touch- it doesn’t matter which form of communication you use to get in touch, just use which ever you feel most comfortable with!

When I’m not organising campaigns or running welfare drop-ins, you can probably find me down at the boathouse coxing for UCBC or on the gate working security. My other interests include cheerleading, toasties, socials, Durham coffee shops, travelling and volunteering for CCA.


I can be reached at, and should reply within 24 hours of receiving your email!

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