Campaigns Officer

Campaigns Officer: Henry Jones

The Campaigns Officer is responsible for running all of the welfare campaigns in college, working in close conjunction with the Welfare Officer and the DSU. They also help to manage the Assistant Welfare Team and are responsible for the all important housing campaigns aimed to help Freshers (and even some in later years) when it comes to the potentially confusing and stressful period of trying to find a house to live in for your year(s) outside of Castle.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.14-15, p.15)

Hello! I’m Henry, this year’s Campaigns Officer. This means I’m in charge of organising and running the various student welfare campaigns we hold throughout the year, which cover topics such as sexual health, mental health awareness, exam stress, and general well-being (more info linked below – please check it out!). Week-long and mini-weekend campaigns will be spread out across the year involving great college activities (like the Sexual Health formal followed by the SHAG DISCO IN THE UNDIE – possibly one of the busiest nights in college last year!) as well as providing a wealth of information and support for various issues.

I am also here to run the Welfare Team with Pookie (our Welfare Officer), and we will make sure this year is the best it can be for you! We are your point of contact for various support services, and we are here to listen and support you with any issues you may face throughout the year. I’m always available for anyone who wants to chat!

I am also Castle’s LGBT+ rep, and act as line of communication for anyone who wants to discuss anything. I am here for those in the community and those who are not — allies, unsure, whatever, feel free to have a chat or come along to some of the LGBT+ events throughout the year (they are for ALL people of

Aside from college, I am involved in student journalism, and I love choral singing, white wine, and coffee!

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