Campaigns Officer

Campaigns Officer: Katya Ellis

The Campaigns Officer is responsible for running all of the welfare campaigns in college, working in close conjunction with the Welfare Officer and the DSU. They also help to manage the Assistant Welfare Team and are responsible for the all important housing campaigns aimed to help Freshers (and even some in later years) when it comes to the potentially confusing and stressful period of trying to find a house to live in for your year(s) outside of Castle.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.14-15, p.15)

Hi all! I’m Katya, and I’m your Campaigns Officer this year. This means I’m in charge of organising and running the various student welfare campaigns we hold throughout the year, which cover topics such as sexual health, mental health awareness, exam stress, and general well-being (more info on these further on in this handbook – please check it out!). Though all campaigns are great, I’m particularly excited about Unique Week, a week centred around celerating yourself and expressing whatever makes you unique and special!

In addition to creating the welfare campaigns, alongside Erin, I’m here to be your point of contact for various support services, as well as listen and support you with any issues you may face throughout the year. I’m always available for anyone who wants to chat!

Other than exec, I work on the Toastie Bar Committee (was last year’s Toastie Bar Manger!) and play for the University College Women’s Football Club! I’m an international student from Washington, DC, speak fluent Russian, and study English Literature, so I’m your go-to gal if you want to chat about America, Russia, or anything book-related! Besides that, I’m an avid lover of coffee (don’t get me started on Flat White dirty chais) and nature. Like Erin said, we’ll be around all of Freshers’ Week if anyone wants a chat. Come by to one of our daily teatime sessions or tea & toast in the evenings throughout the week to get a taste of welfare is all about!

Castle is a wonderful, supportive community, with loads to get involved in – I can’t wait for all of you to become a part of it!

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