Campaigns Officer

Campaigns Officer: Cameron Mitchell 

The Campaigns Officer is the co-head of the college’s welfare team and organises campaigns weeks and days to promote social inclusion and intersectionality within college by working with the livers in/out representatives and minority officers. The Officer also runs a sub team within the welfare consisting of two assistant campaigns officers, who assist in the administration and operation of these campaign weeks.

Hey all! I’m Cameron and I will be co-heading welfare with Jamie as your Campaigns Officer this year. I am a finalist studying Computer Science and am passionate about anything to do with careers/internships and social mobility.

Some may recognise me from my role as Working-Class Officer and 93% Club Representative for Castle last year, and will be building off of these experiences to run more successful campaigns this year.

I am really hoping to expand the number of campaigns this year with the plan to have the entire campaigns calendar ready by the time freshers’ week starts! Some campaigns being planned include SHAG (Sexual Health and Guidance), Take Time to Sign, Think Before you Drink, Your Future Starts Here (Careers-related week), and all the minority campaigns.

Based on the feedback I have collected from last year, I will also be centralising the resources for all campaigns weeks into a single location so they can be easily accessed. I’m so excited to work with our welfare team (including our new Northern Officer!) to create some impactful campaigns this year to build on the work done by Emma last year.

Please feel free to message (on Facebook), email or find me at any time within college to chat about about anything.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.14-15, p.15)

For more information about welfare and to meet the team, head to the page linked below:

The Welfare Team