Campaigns Officer

Campaigns Officer: Emma Gratte (She/Her)

Hi everyone, I’m Emma and I’ll be co-running welfare with Becs as your Campaigns Officer next year. I am going into my final year studying Sociology and even though I am living out, I promise to be in college as much as Boris permits and will also be checking the campaigns email regularly.

This year has shown us how important mental health and well-being is. Welfare is not just for those who are really struggling, it is also a safe space to relax and check in, so do come along to our events!!

You may remember me last year as disabilities officer, but I hope to meet as many of you in person as possible. Our main aim for the year is to support the integration back into a new normal after a really weird period. It is expected to have heightened anxiety as restrictions lift and we hope to make the transition as easy as possible.

Alongside Welfare I am also heavily involved in femsoc (Castle Feminist society) and hope to collaborate throughout the year to have some really important discussions around intersectionality, allyship and privilege. If you enjoy our events and want to get involved, you can apply next summer for Welfare 22/23, being a part of welfare is the most rewarding thing I’ve done at uni so get involved!

Please feel free to message, email or find me at anytime and I look forward to a hopefully more normal year back in college.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.14-15, p.15)

My ‘on-duty’ hours are 9am to 9pm during which I can be contacted on Facebook, via the Anonymous Posting System or on my email:

For more information about welfare and to meet the team, head to the page linked below:

The Welfare Team