Campaigns Officer

Campaigns Officer: Aidan Turnock (He/Him/They/Them)

As Campaigns officer, I co-head the welfare team alongside the welfare officer, coordinating the various services offered by college welfare. Despite the name of the role I too am fully trained in student welfare and am available for 1 on 1s just like Lucy. In addition to this, I organise the welfare campaigns in college, working in close conjunction with the DSU and university services to provide informative campaigns that seek to increase awareness and decrease stigma around a range of issues. Our campaigns are 100% student-led and are centred around issues most pertinent to Durham students. However, this coming year we hope to focus on unlearning inherent biases and open a broader discussion on privilege.

In recent years, campaigns have ranged from Mental Health Awareness Week, to the big favourite SHAG (Sexual Health and Guidance) Week, and form a central part of events in college. Activities to promote campaigns include everything from themed formals, amazingly produced booklets (shout-out to Jimmy Lee), talks, to visits from Jolene the Welfare Dog.

(More information can be found in the Standing Orders VI.14-15, p.15)

Hi, I’m Aidan!

I am a third year chemistry student, and my interest include politics, art and mullets.

My favourite Castle moment is probably when I got college married to my beautiful wife all dressed up in a tux and we both realised we would be stuck annoying each other for somewhere between 3 years and a lifetime.

My ‘on-duty’ hours are 9am to 9pm during which I can be contacted on Facebook, via the Anonymous Posting System or on my email:

For more information about welfare and to meet the team, head to the page linked below:

The Welfare Team