Ball Chair

Ball Chair: Patrick Greenman

The Ball Chair is responsible for organising and running Castle’s three, termly balls: Ladies’ Night, Halfway Hall, and June Ball– and acts as the President of the Ball Committee and The June Ball Committee. The Ball Committee organise and execute Ladies’ Night and Halfway Hall, which take place in Michaelmas and Epiphany terms respectively, while the June Ball Committee organise and execute June Ball, which takes place at the end of Easter term after exams. The June Ball Committee has the honour of running one of the most prestigious balls in the UK, featured in the likes of Mastercard’s ‘Top Events Money Can’t Buy’, Tatler’s Bystander and The Guardian’s ‘Top 100 things to do before you die’. The theme of June Ball is kept secret until it is revealed on the night (please don’t come begging me for spoilers)!

As two of the largest committees in college, we have something to offer for everyone. Teams range from Administration, Publicity, and Sponsorship to Food and Drink to Entertainment, Graphics, and Creatives. The Ball Committee meet once a week on Wednesday afternoons while the June Ball Committee meet almost every day during the two weeks after exams and before JB.

Applications to join the Ball committee will be out very soon after Freshers’, and JB Committee during the middle of second term.

Hi guys!

I’m Patrick, this year’s Ball Chair. I study Geophysics and I’m in my fourth year here at Castle (if you want to know what year of my degree I’m in it’s second… don’t ask). In short, I’m here to plan, organise and run Castle’s three biggest events, and to make sure they go smoothly- alongside vital help from the Ball and June Ball committees of course!

I’ve almost certainly got involved in the JCR a bit too much (I would say no such thing) during my time at Castle, and have been a part of most of the committees at some point, primarily Ball, Social, CCFS and Tech. You may also see me around giving tours to the public, I guess that’s kinda cool. Anyway, that’s enough about me, I hope to see you all around at some point!

If you have any questions (any at all!!) such like when committee applications open, please drop me an email, a FB message, or even come knock on my door K65 if you don’t mind a climb!