Ball Chair

Ball Chair: Tippy Jackson

The Ball Chair is responsible for running Castle’s three balls- Ladies’ Night, Halfway Hall, and June Ball– and is President of the Ents Committee and The June Ball Committee. The Ents Committee organise and execute Ladies’ Night and Halfway Hall, which take place in Michaelmas and Epiphany terms respectively. The June Ball Committee organise and execute June Ball, which takes place in Easter term. Two of the largest committees in college, we have something to offer for everyone. Teams range from Administration, Publicity, and Sponsorship to Food and Drink to Entertainment, Graphics, and Creatives. The Ents Committee meets once a week on Wednesday afternoons while the June Ball Committee meets every day during the two weeks after exams. The June Ball Committee has the honour of running one of the most prestigious balls in the UK and keeping the President’s theme secret until it is revealed the night of the ball.


I’m Tippy and I will be the Ball Chair this year. I act as President of the Ents and June Ball committees to ensure that Castle’s three largest events run smoothly.

I study English and Philosophy. I joined the Ents and JB committees in my first year, and it has been an incredible opportunity to meet people and contribute to Castle life. I also rowed for the women’s novice team in first year and am now on the Security Committee. I’m from Tennessee, and I live in NY.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email or knock on my door! I’m and my room is N21.