Contact Welfare

You can contact any member of the welfare team individually, attend a daily teatime, or use one of the following methods to get in touch with us. We’ll always be more than happy to help!

Welfare Phone 

The welfare phone number is 07757750411 and will be reachable 9am-9pm everyday. An alternative to this is the 24 hour service at the Castle Porter’s Lodge, which can be contacted about anything at any time on 01913343800

Facebook – Erin Collins or Katherine Ellis

Snapchat – castle_welfare

Anonymous posting system –

You can use this form to communicate anonymously with the Welfare Officer, Erin. You could ask a question which you would prefer not to talk about directly, request Welfare supplies for you to anonymously collect, report an incident or use it to just send your thoughts. When you submit the form, your message will be assigned a random ‘Ticket ID’. This is the only thing which connects you to the message so it cannot be ‘de-anonymised’ or linked back to you. It is entirely confidential. Remember to keep your Ticket ID as it is the only way to access your response later. If you would like us to know who you are, feel free to include your name in the message. Come back in a few days and click ‘View Response’, then enter your Ticket ID. You can enter some additional information or reply as many times as you like using the same Ticket ID.